How to choose your massage chair?

How to choose your massage chair for private use?


Choose Massage Chair

For private use, the main selection criteria are the space available, the features sought with the types and areas of massage sought, the brand and the budget.

In addition to these technical aspects, here are the main benefits of using a massage chair

> A high-quality full massage between 5 and 15 minutes (or more if necessary)

> Relaxation and maximum relaxation whenever you want

> Soothing lumbar or back pain

> A better mood after the massage

> A tailor-made massage according to the chairs (body-scan function)

> Luxury and comfort

For professional use

 For a professional, the purchase of a massage chair is an investment. As such, this asset is depreciated over at least 3 years, and the depreciation allowances are deducted from the result to save tax. Note that customers may be billed for its use with the coin mechanism option available on certain models such as the Sanyo-Panasonic DR6100.

The chairs intended for professional use are mechanically reinforced, so that they can accommodate the public and can operate very often, in a place with a lot of traffic - including in an airport or a shopping center. Choose the "professional use" option on the massage chair page.

The benefits for a professional who welcomes the public are numerous:

> The armchair allows pleasant management of customers who have to wait

> It is an additional high quality service (brand image)

> Include this service in your services or invoice separately (increase in turnover)

A good massage brings serenity and relaxation: customers will associate this moment of well-being with your space (hairdressing salon, hotel, massage center ...), which creates a form of loyalty and to develop word of mouth. 

The size of the electric massage chair

 It's a fact, a massage chair takes up space. Its dimensions are particularly impressive (up to 2 meters) when lying down. Avoid placing it against a wall and provide enough space behind and in front of it. There are models smaller than others, adaptable to any interior.

To move easily, choose it preferably with wheels and have it delivered directly to your home or to your institute (an armchair weighs 30 to 120kg!)

Here is a suggestion for you:  Inada 3S Flex armchair.

The coating

 Most massage chairs are made of faux leather (PU polyurethane foam) or medical leather. These materials have the advantage of being strong, comfortable and easy to maintain. Leather has a slightly longer lifespan than imitation leather, but it needs regular maintenance.

The different functions

 Depending on your desires and expectations (do you want a realistic deep massage or a simple vibratory massage to relax you?), Your choice will be on different models. It is important to learn about the features of the chairs, and to define which ones are important to you. Thus, you can choose your chair according to the types of massage it provides (percussion, rolling, shiatsu, vibration, tailor-made ...), its additional functions (airbags, morphological adjustment, body scan, infrared heat, zero gravity , music, reflexotherapy, coin mechanism, etc.) or the areas it massages: skull, neck / nape, back, shoulder, arms, buttocks, legs / calves, feet.

The budget

A massage chair costs a minimum of 700 to 800 dollars. If you can find a cheaper one, it's a safe bet that it is actually a massage seat. Massage chairs have a very variable price depending on the manufacturer, their use (private or professional use), the materials used, the place of manufacture and their functionality. According to all these criteria, it takes between 800 and 5000 dollars.


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